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XKLCare™ SkyFruit Clinical Results

Best Results for Diabetes:

Lee Cheng Thong (FBS)
Before (26.8mmoI/L) -After (9.2mmoI/L)

Ooi Geok Huah (RBS)
Before ( 16.07 mmoI/L) -After (10.2mmoI/L)

Best Results for Hypertension:

Ng Song Piak
Before(190/95 mmHg) -After(165/90 mmHg)

Information on Testing for Diabetes:
  • A person without diabetes has a reading of less than 140mg/dL which is equal to 7.84mmoI/L.
  • FBS(Fasting Blood Sugar):This is a measurement of blood glucose taken after you have not eaten for 12 to 14 hours. It is often the first test done to help detect diabetes.
  • Random blood sugar (RBS): This is a measurement of blood glucose that is taken regardless of when you last ate. It is also called a casual blood glucose test. Several random measurements may be taken throughout the day. Random testing is useful because glucose levels in healthy people do not vary widely throughout the day. Blood glucose levels that vary widely may indicate a problem.
Information on Testing for Hypertension:
  • The level of normal pressure is under 130 systolic * and 85 diastolic * (written 130/85). A high average is between 130 and 139 systolic and between 85 and 89 diastolic. Anything above 140/90 requires retesting and re-evaluation, and the patient is considered to have high blood pressure.

Click for XKLCare™ SkyFruit Clinical Results Table

No. of People Involved in the Clinical Test: 74
No. of People Involved in the Clinical Test who has Diabetes: 36
No. of People Involved in the Clinical Test who has Hypertension: 48
No. of People Involved in the Clinical Test who has both Diabetes and Hypertension: 21

Doctors' Endorsement

Dr. Micheal Lucas: "If you think XKLCare™ product is expensive, try disease. Based on the preventive effect and strong antioxidant activity of XKLCare™ product, I would like to say that it is indeed the most incredible dietary supplement I have ever come across. I strongly recommend XKLCare™ Sky Fruit Concentrate to you."

Dr.K.L.Goh: "The results which my family have had from taking XKLCare™ Sky Fruit Concentrate have been absolutely outstanding, in so many different areas. This is wonderful personal experience has made us realize that XKLCare™product is far superior to many health products currently available. We recommend it 100 percent!"

Dr.Setiawan Dalimarthe: "My research group has isolated many novel compounds from SKY-FRUIT. This may explain why so many people have had beneficial experiences in taking XKLCare™ Sky Fruit Concentrate for their health concerns."

Dr.Alice Matangani: "I'm kind of an expert in non-drug solutions for illness. This is what got me all excited about XKL Worldwide and XKLCare™ Sky Fruit Concentrate. We desperately need XKLCare™ product. Instead of waiting for your health care ship to come in, with this product you're already aboard."

Dr.Bill Zhou: "XKLCare™ Sky Fruit Concentrate is a unique food supplement which stands out as a balancing paradigm in our health dilemma because of its broad influence on our whole beings. It is with joy and pride that I endorse XKLCare™ product, the world's most potent natural food supplement."

Source: http://XKLWorldwide.com

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